Pedagogical Philosophy


The traditional VAK approach incorporates Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetics techniques to engage different types of learners of all ages.

Unlike the traditional VAK approach, Lisa offers the VAKS approach where S stands for soft skills. She believes that working towards preparing and scoring As for exams is not the only end goal of education.

At appropriate intervals, Lisa encourages open discussions among students to identify and approach real life issues with a problem solving mindset.  This helps to sharpen soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork that are high in demand for tomorrow’s workforce. 









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Case Studies

JH is a typical example of success. When JH started his classes with Lisa, he was a victim of bullying in school that had gone viral on internet.

With the Lisa’s style of VAKS, it has engaged him to be more interested in his studies. Subsequently, he started speaking up about the bullying incident and managed to come up with strategies on his own to improve his relationship with his schoolmates.

Today, he consistantly scores As and works well with his project group mates.

NY is an international student currently enrolled in a Primary School. When she first started classes with Lisa, she could not understand English beyond writing ABCs. Her parents were worried about her not being able to cope with the school syllabus upon entering Primary 1. As she has a track record of falling asleep in school, Lisa quickly realised that she is a highly Kinesthetic learner and tailors her English classes to suit her learning needs. NY quicky learns simple words in English and never found the lessons boring. Today, she is able to speak simple English sentences and copes well with her school work.

* Names and schools are removed to protect the identity of the students mentioned*


All Tuition Subjects

Primary 1-6 English

P1 – 6 Maths


Lower and Upper Block Science

Lower Secondary Science

Y1- 4 IP Biology

J1-2 H1/2 Biology

Sec 1 – 4 Express/ NA English

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Frequently Asked

How much are your fees and what’s the payment schedule like?

Please message Lisa to request for the fees table.

As some months might have a national holiday or 5 lesson weeks, payment is based on per lesson basis so that there is no need to track the fees payable on a month to month basis. 

Payment is accepted by cash/ Paynow/ Paylah/ bank transfer.


Are the lessons face to face or online?

Lisa is able to offer face to face and online classes depending on your preference. 

I am on a tight budget…..

Lisa understands that the challenges that parents are facing. She does her best and goes the extra mile for all her students.

To be fair to other fee paying students, she is unable to accomodate special requests for fee adjustments. 

Where are the lessons conducted?

Lisa is in the process of acquiring an office space. She is now offering her classes at student’s place of residence for face 2 face classes. Therefore, slots will be highly limited on a first come first serve basis.

What about group classes? Is there one that my child can join?

Group classes are currently offered online. Further information for face to face group classes will be updated accordingly. 

Your classes are full….

Lisa do not enforce a minimal commitment to the number of sessions.

However, there is a waiting list that parents can be informed of should students decide to drop out anytime during the academic year. 

Lisa will be unable to reserve or guarantee any timeslots after a request is made to pause classes.  

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